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LED, Light Emitting Diode, is a solid state semiconductor device to convert electrical energy into visible light. It can be directly put electricity to light. LED is basically a small chip is encapsulated in epoxy resin inside, so it was a very small, very light, LED power consumption is very low, DC drive, ultra-low-power, cold light technology, low heat than conventional lightinga lot. LED is made ​​from non-toxic materials, unlike fluorescent lamps containing mercury can cause pollution, while LED can also be recycled. LED is completely encapsulated in epoxy resin inside than light bulbs and  fluorescent tubes are sturdy. For solid cold light source, epoxy resin, light body and no loose parts, there is no filament light easy to burn, heat deposition and  other shortcomings in the proper current and voltage, the service life up to 60000-100000 hours, more than 10 times longer than traditional light source life.


LED lamp
LED lamp